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Falling for Fall Favorites

We can’t run from the truth anymore, fall is officially here. For some of us, this is our time to shine. But let’s be real, most of us dread this time of year. The pools are closed, school begins again, it starts getting darker, and the cute summer clothes get packed back away. With all these negatives, who wouldn’t be salty! So let’s take a look at some positives about our fall favorites to lighten the mood, and get pumped for the autumn festivities!


Leaves Changing



Fall can be cold and rainy, but you must admit that its colors are beautiful. It’s the perfect time of year to just take a walk and view the world around. Not to mention the endless photos you could take! One cute photo of your friends playing in leaves and your Instagram will be bombarded with an endless amount of likes.




Big Sweaters


There is no better feeling than wearing a big soft sweater. Especially when paired with your favorite hot drink and a warm blanket. It seems like we all have that number one sweater that we can’t wait to rip off our hangers the minute it gets around 60 degrees. Wait no longer, get that bad boy out and enjoy the cozy-ness.




Apple Cider


Apple cider is one of those drinks you could only really enjoy during one time of year. You could have cider in the summer but it’ll never be the same as it is in fall. Who really wants hot apple juice during the summer? But in fall, it just seems to hit the spot. The smell of apples alone is intoxicating enough to get anyone excited for the season. Not to mention all the other apple favorites like apple pie and caramel apples. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.







They’re like giant portable blankets around your neck. They can be plush, soft, and covered in fun patterns ranging anywhere from plaid to weird cat collages. Best of all, they work great for lazy guys and gals who want to conceal dirty clothing they may have worn days prior. Who wouldn’t be happy about that!




Horror Everything


Horror lovers everywhere can finally rejoice. Fall is the season when all things horror come back. Horror fans can get their horror movie game on and start planning their elaborate Halloween costume. For those faint of heart, this might not be your thing, but for you horror fans though, this is the only thing you’ve been thinking about since last fall ended.






From pumpkin picking to the popular pumpkin spice latte, pumpkins have been the key element in fall. You can’t walk around any home store without there being some kind of pumpkin snack or fragrance on the shelf, begging to be taken home to solidify your house’s transformation into fall. If you don’t have at least one pumpkin themed item in your home, did you even really live through fall this year?







Endless amounts of homemade food. Need I say more?


Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. Fall isn’t as bad once you look at all the positive things that come with it. There are so many exciting things that come along with it that you’ll barely even know summer is gone. So don’t freak out just yet, cheer up and enjoy it! You can start freaking out once it’s winter.

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