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    Just like every other makeup addict I want the best quality makeup without spending hundreds of dollars.  Between all the prestige brands out there drugstore companies have been able to match colors and formulas of high-class brands with ease.  I recently discovered an app called Hush where they sell almost identical dupes to expensive products.

The YouTube community was freaking out about a specific brand called Bad Habit.  I spent about a week doing some research before I finally caved in and bought some eyeshadow palettes.  When I got them in the mail it didn’t take long for me to realize that I recognized these colors from somewhere…. And then it came to me! The four palettes I purchased were exactly the same as four high-end eyeshadow palettes.  

The four I purchased were:


The Retro Love palette (dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette)


The Solstice palette (dupe for Natasha Denona Sunset palette)


The Aphrodite palette (dupe for Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette)


And finally the Athena palette (dupe for Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette) 

I couldn’t wait to try these out to see if they were even half as good as the real ones. Needless to, say I loved them! The pigmentation was amazing for the price which ended up being a difference of $250 compared to the real ones!! Obviously, the real palettes will always have better quality, however a $250 quality…I don’t think so.  


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Jamie Skreptach

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