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Yes, besides what some people would say regarding this topic, I do feel as I have converted from an extrovert to an introvert. Some may argue that the makeup of our brains based on genetics and habits determine which one someone leans towards. And I read that it is unlikely for someone to change but here’s my story.


Growing up, I was shy but I did like to go out and do things. In middle/high school, I wanted to be out and really did not want to be just at home by myself. I always wanted to hang out with my friends and go places. I was a social butterfly. Nowadays, hanging out with people and going out exhausts me. I love just chilling at the house and doing what I want. The person I usually hang out with is my boyfriend is when he is home. Now some may think I’m a “loner” but it is quite the opposite. I have people here and there saying we should hangout and all. I say yes we do and all but in my mind I’m thinking that probably won’t happen. It’s not like I don’t want to hangout with my friends and all but I just don’t have the energy. I’m mentally tired a lot of times and have so much stuff to do from college work, home stuff and my job stuff. Yes,I  could make time for my friends, yet I rather sit at home and just relax and chill. 


When I talk to other people about it, which is pretty much really close people since it is a weird thing to talk about, they say it will probably change after I’m finished with college. And it might but it might not. I can’t compare college to anything else since that is when my mental illness really affected me in my day to day life. So it might just be the side effects of my medicine or the mental illness itself. So I can’t really say but time will tell.


At first, I was upset over this change of behaviors and all but I have accepted it. I can still go out and all but I just rather sit at home. Just a homebody and that’s okay. Plus it saves me money and possible trouble. At home, I can chill with my dogs on the comfy chair and hangout with my family.



Julia Fitzgibbon

PS Behrend '22

Sophomore at Penn State Behrend Nutrition major with a biology minor Professional procrastinator with a coffee addiction Workout and dog enthusiast
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