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DIY Holiday Decorations

Happy Holidays! Whether you have decorated already or are about to decorate for the holidays – it is NEVER too late to add one more. The phrase extra doesn’t exist for the holidays. Holiday decorations start going up in most stores before Halloween (ugh) so that usually gives decorators enough time to grab all the decorations they want this year. Most of the decorations are the same old items they always have – lights, trees, assorted ornaments, window decals, door decals, etc. All the same pretty generic (but fun, I still love them) decorations year after year. So where do you go if you want something a bit different than what the stores offer? You have the same decorations but don’t know how to re-use them or use them in a different way? Go to an over-priced website or store that sells one of kind, unique, extravagant decorations?



Nope. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Pinterest has to ability to be your best friend. Instead of going to expensive stores or websites to buy the different decorations you want, go to Pinterest and DIY!! A handful of those “extravagant” decorations and items you see, aren’t all that difficult to make. So if you have the time, I would definitely consider making some of your own decorations. It’s cheaper which is great because the holiday season is already a big money drainer and it is something to be proud of because YOU made it.


Below are some of cute, inexpensive to make, fun holiday decorations that are do-it-yourself:


Lighted Burlap Garland



It’s no joke that a good quality, nicely decorated garland is pretty expensive. But with this DIY garland, there are only four separate parts to it, no pieces randomly fall off, it isn’t bulky and it’s very easy to make. All you need for this cute garland is:

  • Scissors

  • 2-inch burlap in green and red

  • 2.5-inch burlap in tan

  • White mini lights

All you do is cut the burlap into strips and tie it around the lights in any pattern you want and done. That’s it. The full directions can be found here: 


Wire Ornament Wreath



If you are tired of having a spruce or evergreen wreath on your front door or are just wanting to have more than one wreath or spice things up; this ornament wreath is perfect. You need two things:

  • Ornaments of your choice (I would suggest Target or Walmart shatter resistant)

  • Wire hanger

The steps are simple, bend the wire and untwist the hook. Once that is done, just slide on the ornaments and place them in whichever pattern you chose! The full directions can be found here:


Sparkle Branches



Now this one is a bit more tedious to do and a bit messier. But it beats buying these in the store for a ridiculous price and it is great for the season of winter as well as the holidays. For this decoration you will need:

  • Tree branch or twig (fake or real)

  • Silver spray paint

  • Silver glitter

  • White glue

  • Spray adhesive

  • Colorful accents

You start off by spraying the branches/twigs with the silver spray paint and let dry. Next is to spray the branch/twig part at a time with the spray adhesive and cover the adhesive with silver glitter …preferably over a cookie sheet, tin or garbage can. Once that is done, the rest is up to you. The white glue gives an icy look and the colorful accents can bring more color to the branch. Either way, super cute. More directions on how to make these branches are here.


Popstick Snowflakes



This craft is extremely simple, very quick AND it can be done with a spouse, sibling, child or friend. All you need is:

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Hot glue

  • Spray paint

Take the popsicle sticks and arrange them in a snowflake pattern of your choosing, hot glue each end to each other for the desired pattern and spray paint the whole then when you’re finished. Voila. More directions can be found here.


Now there are MANY, MANY decorations and do it yourself crafts that you can find on Pinterest, whether you are looking for something specific or just any craft to kill some time. Making your own holiday decorations is a fun, cheaper alternative to buying expensive ones.

This way you can have a little wiggle room and maybe have some money left over for yourself for the holidays.


Happy holidays and happy crafting!!

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Brittany is a senior Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior major with a minor in Communications in Art & Mass Media. Along with being a member of Her Campus, she is a member of Theta Phi Alpha and Lion Ambassadors. She is the Coordinator of Publicity for Project Paws and Event Planning Chair for our very own HerCampus. Brittany LOVES to craft in her spare time and is quite the animal and nature lover. Instagram: brittanyt6 Twitter: @brittany_t6
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