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Country Is My Ultimate Go-To Music

It seems that one thing is clear: you either like country music or you don’t. And I am a person that loves it! Country music can have its sad moments, but for the most part, it’s about family and friends and probably a beer. It’s upbeat and personal and it doesn’t let you down. I like country music because it expresses everyday human life. Some of my favorites include: Most People Are Good by Luke Bryan, Simple by Florida Georgia Line, and Love Wins by Carrie Underwood.


Country music comes from the heart and a lot of songs have an inspirational meaning behind them. If you’re feeling sad, there’s a song to help lift your spirits or if you’re mad, there’s a song to calm you down. If you’re just in a good mood, there’s a song to keep you happy! It works for anyone and everyone. Everyone can relate to a country song, no matter who you are.


Another thing: they are super catchy! That may be annoying to some, but you know when that song comes on, you’re going to jam in your car and scream at the top of your lungs. Not to mention, if you’ve ever been to a country concert, they are the best. The artists truly care about their fans and put on the best shows to make you have fun! Country music is a mix of highs and lows, but I know when that song comes on the radio, it doesn’t matter if you like country or not, you’ll be singing along.

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