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Conspiracies That Will Keep You Thinking

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

***Disclaimer*** All of the concepts in this article are theories.We are not stating that any of the things we are discussing are true. They are not meant to attack anybody, company, etc. ***Disclaimer***


Everyone has that crazy conspiracy theory that they have found and whether it’s from some random Reddit users or Shane Dawson, we are never able to get it out of our heads. Well, here are a few more that I hope will keep you thinking.


The moon landing on TV was fake



America wanted to be the first one to make it on the moon, however, their technology wasn’t good enough yet, so they faked it.


  • The flag is waving due to the wind, however, there is no wind in space?

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie made in 1968. The Sci-Fi movie proves that America did have them make a very good, convincing space film. What if the creator of the movie helped them recreate a realistic moon landing?


The world of Friends is all made up in Phoebe’s head



Phoebe is still homeless and sits in front of Central Perk. There, she imagines a life with the random customers inside.


  • Phoebe constantly talks about how she lived on the street and how she used drugs. Maybe those drugs made her hallucinate?

  • Throughout the show, she is the odd one out. The friends constantly look at her and get confused when she talks. What if she’s actually crazy?


Time travel is real



Time travel is real and there are pictures with proof.


  • In a Charlie Chaplin film, there is an extra who is talking on a cell phone, but cell phones weren’t invented in the 1930’s?

  • In 1962, a soccer team won their championship game. In a photo, you can see a man taking a picture on a cell phone. I didn’t have a phone with a camera till like 2008 so how did this guy have one in 1962?


Stevie Wonder is not actually blind



Stevie Wonder has very bad eyesight and exaggerated his disability to stand out.


  • Paul Mccartney and Stevie Wonder were performing together. The microphone was about to fall until Stevie seamlessly caught it. If he were blind how would he have caught that?

  • There is a video of Mr. Wonder taking a photo. In the video, you can see him put the camera up to his eye and snap a quick pic. But if you couldn’t see how would you be able to take that picture? And why would you bother bringing it up to your eye?


Khloé Kardashian Is O.J. Simpson’s Daughter



Khloe Kardashian is not Robert Kardashian’s daughter. She is the daughter of OJ Simpson.


  • Prior to Robert K. helping OJ with his lawsuit, Rob and his wife were very, very close with the Simpson Family. I wonder how close?

  • During the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the family constantly talk about Khloe and how she should get a DNA test. They say that because as most people can see, they do look very different. Maybe they also want to know the truth?


The Titanic never actually sank



The company that created the Titanic also created a boat called the Olympic. The Olympic was old and kind of on it’s last foot. So in order to get more money from insurance, they say the boat is the Titanic and send it out to sea.


  • In the photo of the “Titanic” leaving, you can see many photos with the boat’s 16 port holes, however the actual Titanic only had 14. (Hint: The Olympic reportedly had 16)

  • Many of the Richest men who were supposed to be on the boat called in sick that day and gave away their tickets. This includes J.P. Morgan who claimed he did not feel well, which is why he stayed home. These tickets were VERY expensive, so would you really just skip the trip when you spent THAT much on a ticket?

  • No locals worked on the boat. Rumor has it, a little birdie told townspeople that the boats were switched and that it was going to break. Is that why so many people, who desperately needed jobs, rejected the Titanic’s job offers?



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