Condoms: Not a Talking Point

We live in a day and age where safe sex is taught in most schools in the U.S. and Western Europe. It’s no longer a secret that birth control is the way to go to prevent pregnancy and to protect against STD’s. Condoms are available everywhere and are free at the health clinics on most college campuses. So why might I ask, is it becoming increasingly uncommon for college students to use condoms?

There is a serious issue of college boys pressuring girls into not using protection, in turn increasing the risk of pregnancy and transfer of STD’s. We live in what’s called a “hook up” culture where people sleep with multiple partners at a time. One would think that these constant one night stands would pressure people into using condoms since the people involved in the act don’t usually know each other that well—if at all. But no, instead people get careless and carried away and end up using little to no protection. Most of these scenarios arise from the guy not wanting to wear a condom and pressuring the girl by saying things like “I can’t stay hard with a condom”, “I won’t be able to finish if I wear one” or “I haven’t used one in so long”.

These type of comments make the girl feel guilty and are used to try and sway the girl into not using one, and if she does insist on using one, the guy may continue to bring it up and make her feel worse. But let me ask –if something did go wrong, who would the consequence be stuck on? Most times the girl. But condoms aren’t just to prevent pregnancy, they are to prevent against STD’s that either partner could have, so why take the risk?


Therefore, if you’re reading this and you’re one of those guys, just take a moment and think about your life with a child and/or STD.

And if you’re a woman reading this, stand up for your beliefs and don’t let men try and convince you otherwise.


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