Binge-Worthy Thanksgiving Episodes

If you’re anything like me you love Thanksgiving. I mean it’s a holiday revolved around eating large amounts of mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. Who wouldn’t love the idea of that? It also is a holiday that almost every show has made a special about so, Her Campus would like to save you the time and the research and give you a nifty list of all the best Thanksgiving specials. Hope you enjoy (Preferably with a plate of food next to you).



Friends has graced the world with some of the best Thanksgiving episodes of all time. You could be watching the episode where they play football (my personal favorite) or the one where Monica puts a turkey on her head, and it’ll always be fun and festive. With 10 different Thanksgiving episodes, this show truly has a little something for everyone.



Gossip Girl

If you prefer something a little more drama-filled, Gossip Girl may be the one for you. Gossip Girl is another show that has many Thanksgiving episodes. Although the five episodes might not all have the happiest storylines, it is still a great show. Afterall, it’s not a real Thanksgiving without Blair Waldorf right??



Gilmore Girls

Although Gilmore Girls only has one Thanksgiving episode, the one episode is definitely one that everyone can all relate to. The episode follows Rory and Lorelai as they visit four different thanksgivings dinners.This is a great episode to watch on the holiday, especially with some family.



Bob’s Burgers

Nothing makes for a better family show than Bob’s Burgers. It is funny, only a little bit inappropriate and it’s animated so even the kids will like it (That’s how it works, right??) With a total of 6 different Thanksgiving episodes, the Belcher family can spend the holiday with you and your family too.



The Mindy Project

Spending Thanksgiving alone? Or Feeling like a third-wheel at the table with a family that’s not yours? Want to have a mental breakdown because your heart is broken or you're stressed? Maybe you should join Mindy Lahiri for the Thanksgiving episode of her show.



Full House

There’s nothing like some good old nostalgia during the holidays. Season one of this classic family sitcom features a Thanksgiving episode perfect to watch with the whole family. It's filled with both laughter and sadness (as most Full House episodes are), and is a great throwback everyone will enjoy.



Master of None

Season 2 episode 8 of the hit Netflix comedy follows the story of Denise, a gay woman, and her struggle coming out over 7 different Thanksgiving dinners. Through these meals, you see the growth in the characters and their outlooks on life. The story ties in race and sexuality beautifully to highlight the struggles people face under the surface during the holiday season.


We hope you enjoy your festivities this week with some much-needed food and TV binging time!



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