Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Skreptach

One of our most beloved writers left us this year to complete her education at Penn State’s Main Campus. For those of you who are confused, Penn State offers a 2+2 program that allows some students in certain majors to complete 2 years at a branch campus and then transfer to the main campus for their final two years. Jamie is a Forensic Science major, so she had to transfer to main because her major is not offered at Behrend’s campus. If you would like to learn more about Jamie, and hear about how she is doing in this new journey in her life, keep on reading!

Major: Forensic Science

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Organizations: Her Campus, Science Story Time, Forensic Science Club, THON


Show: The Black List

Drink: Root beer

Food: Mancini’s bread

Professor at Behrend: Tracey Halmi

What did you like most about Behrend?

“The people that I met there. I met some of my best friends when we all lived in Perry Hall together during our freshman year.”

What do you like most about Main Campus?

“Being able to go to every home football game, instead of having to drive 3+ hours from Behrend every weekend for them. All I have to do is walk right down the street to them now! I also like main because of the fact that I now live with my best friend from home.”

What do you plan to do after college?

“If I make it through, I would like to go to Grad school after I complete my undergrad and receive my Master’s degree, then I would like to work at a crime lab.” 

What is a crime lab?

“A crime lab is where they test the blood, saliva, and all the DNA from crime scenes.”

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What advice do you have for freshmen?

“Live it up your freshman year because your classes will only get harder each year.”

Why did you choose Behrend, and why did you choose your major?

“I liked the campus, the environment, and the class sizes. I wanted to be close to home. I chose my major because when I was little, I wanted to be a spy, and after my research, before college, I decided that I actually wanted to be a forensic scientist.”

What do you miss most about Behrend?

“My friends and how small the classes were. I liked being able to get to know my professors and classmates because of the smaller size compared to the classes at main.”