Ahmed Mushaikh '18

I had the pleasure of interviewing a very close friend of mine, and for those of you who do not have the same pleasure, get ready. Not only can he drop lyrics in almost every casual conversation, he is also very active in soccer (football) intramurals and is also a new SGA senator! Get to know Ahmed Mushaikh:


Name: Ahmed Mushaikh

Major:  Industrial Engineering

Hometown:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Year:  Junior




This or That:

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Books or Movies: Movies

Day or Night: Day

Shawarma or Shawarma: Shawarma Definitely!!

“Soccer” or Football: Football

Coffee or Tea: Tea for daysss



Artist/Band: Drake / Kings Of Leon

Movie: Shutter Island

Season: Spring

Place: Lebanon so many childhood memories.

Food: This is so much pressure, but I would say shawarma and sushi are two things I can live off.



Why did you come to Penn State Behrend?

It's a funny story, my friend googled best party schools and saw Penn State and convinced me to apply so I did. It was also the first time I have made such a big decision alone so it felt right. It’s also a great school so I am happy with my decision to come here.


Was coming to University in the States what you expected?

It wasn't really, but in a good way. I don't like to regret any decision in my life, I have met wonderful people who have changed the way I think and perceive things and it has allowed me to mature.


What surprised you the most since being in Erie?

Umm a tough one, as cliche as it may sound the sunset in Erie is amazing, like it's crazy how beautiful it is.


After you graduate, where do you see yourself?

Somewhere interesting, a different culture. On the beach solving some math problem with a Pińa Colada in hand.


You have a habit of dropping Drake lyrics casually into conversation, how many songs do you know by heart?

So I had to check my trusty spotify playlist and currently I have 1048 songs I can probably say that I have upwards of 800 memorized. Test me for proof.


How long have you been playing “football”?

For as long as I can remember, probably more than 14 years. It's a healthy medium to relax and let off some steam. I sound like I am 40 years old (laughs).


What is it like to be so far away from home?

Ummm again with the tough ones (laughs). Well, I’m not going to lie, it was hard at the start because I was 17 and alone in Erie,PA but you grow into it and I feel like I have a stronger bond with mi familia because of it.


You are going to be a senior soon, how do you feel about that?

Not great, I still think I am 17 sometimes. I am excited to finish this journey and start “real life”.

Plus every morning my knees remind me I am a senior with all the cracking sounds.


If you could do anything in the world right at this moment, what would it be?

Pressure (laughs), I would probably go home and see my family and spend time with them.


Who is your greatest role model?

Am I allowed to have two (laughs)? My father and my mother, everything that I have today is possible because of them. They inspire and motivate me each day.


If there is anything you could go back and change, would you?

I would probably give my parents an easier time growing up and appreciate more what they did for me. Maybe also not steal my cousin’s Pokemon cards when I was seven - sorry.


Thank you for such a fun interview! HCXO

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