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8 Places To Go During January

The beginning of the semester is the time to make sure you get all your work done. No procrastinating! This is when you get everything done. And that’s a good thing… However, if you need a break or wanna make the best of a long weekend –MLK Day is coming up–, here are 8 places that we recommend you check out during January:



77 miles

1 hour 20 minutes

Just a short drive away and you can have a mini vacation in Buffalo, NY. It is a small city filled with great food, museums, a zoo and many other things!



98 miles

1 hour and 30 minutes

Cleveland is not only close but it is filled with awesome things. One of the most famous being The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! There is also the house from The Christmas Story and many other fun events throughout the year.



116 miles

2 hour

Despite being the home of about 50% of Behrend’s Students, it is a beautiful place to adventure and find new things. There are plenty of little neighbourhoods that you can find and stay in to get a relaxing few days away.


Washington D.C.

268 miles

5 hours and 45 minutes

Although it is a little bit further, it is an amazing place. It is also perfect for a trip with a tight budget considering all the museums are free! There is also an amazing cat cafe there!



288 miles

6 hours

Talk about a place to be if you love history. With so much to do, Philadelphia is perfect for the long weekend. You can also go down to visit your favourite pals from Sesame Street there!


New York City

321 miles

6 hours and 20 minutes

Do I even need to write a description for New York City? It’s big, beautiful and filled with literally 1000s of things to do. It is the city that never sleeps and it could make the perfect place for your next vacation!



394 miles

6 hours and 30 minutes

Take a drive down to the Windy City! The big city offers plenty of food options along with some really fun bars. You can also see and take a photo of the bean (and maybe even possibly run into Chance the Rapper)!



547 miles

7 hours and 40 minutes

Despite being the furthest on the list, this vaca spot is definitely worth it. The city is beautiful, the seafood is delicious and there is so much to do! You can learn about history, visit their aquarium or even go shopping.


Sorya Nasir

PS Behrend

Native of Santa Clara, CA Senior at Penn State Behrend Management Information Systems Major HerCampus PS Behrend, President Alpha Sigma Alpha
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