5 Instagrams to Follow if You Love Dogs

We interrupt your finals week study session to bring you the most perfect Instagram accounts that you should follow if you love dogs more than you love yourself. Dogs are perfect and are so incredibly loving and honestly, they deserve so much more than just an article praising them and the Instagram accounts designated for them. So without further to do, here are five Instagram accounts you should follow if you love dogs (and food).


1. Dogs In Food



Honestly my favorite account, but it messes with you after a while… you will see food pictures and immediately start looking for the hidden pup.



2. Dogs Who Brunch



12/10 would break bread with this good boy anytime of day



3. Hot Dudes With Dogs



Probably wouldn’t let this smart boy suit up for surgery, but would definitely let him stay in the room



4. The Dogist



This pup has a more lavish lifestyle than I could ever dream of


5. Pups ‘N Coffee


This good boy is studying for finals and we probably should too


Honestly Instagram is great and I definitely fell through a small rabbit hole when I found Dogs In Food, but it has easily been my favorite thing for months now. We hope you enjoyed this cute little study break… we know finals can be ruff!