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Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date & Gift Guide

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

Valentine’s Day is a hard one to find an original gift for; maybe your significant other loves flowers and chocolates, or maybe you’d both prefer something with a bit more meaning. This gift guide has some more specific ideas that, depending on your person, might help you branch out a bit and give a unique gift to celebrate your relationship. Something a bit more attuned to their interests, especially if you’ve been together for a number of years, might feel a little more thoughtful than a box of chocolates or a simple card; if your significant other loves receiving gifts, see if this list has something for them! Read on for gift ideas and date suggestions to help plan the perfect Valentine’s Day. 

  1. For the bookworm:

Books are always a good idea; there are small business that put together book bouquets, with fake flowers and a few books of your choosing, and they’re gorgeous! If you aren’t sure what books they’d like, you could play it safer: a sweatshirt from their favorite book that they can wear and think of you, or a bookstore date, are ways to show you think of them and their interests, and the date in particular is a wonderful way to spend time together and show interest in your significant other’s passions. Block off the morning hours to browse the best bookstores in your area, and then stop for lunch or drinks in the afternoon and relax in each other’s presence. A calm Valentine’s Day with you might be the gift they’re craving! 

  1. For the adventurer:

Is there an experience they’ve always wanted? A hike they’ve been eying, or an indoor skydiving place nearby they’ve wanted to try? Book a day trip or set aside time to go on a little adventure with them! Sometimes, time with you is all they truly want, and (as I mentioned above) spending it doing something they love is a perfect way to celebrate your person and support them. If they’d prefer a gift over a date or an experience, search for something you know they’ll be able to use— maybe they’ve been wanting a new hiking backpack or a better pair of ski boots. Something they can use and love will show that you care about their hobbies (whether you share them or not), and they may be grateful to have something that lasts over something that wilts. 

  1. For the cozy film lover:

A movie date at home— cozy blankets, lots of snacks, and a bottle of wine or sparkling juice— is a lovely way to spend quality time together, and you could either binge your favorites or watch a few of those newer movies that have been on your list. If no one feels like cooking, order your favorite takeout and curl up on the couch! If you’re long distance or a date night won’t work, and you’d rather send a gift, search for a cozy sweat set or blanket; maybe a heated blanket or a subscription to a streaming service or theater near them so they can see a film they’re interested in. 

  1. For the music super-fan:

Vinyls are a classic gift for the music lover; if they have a record player already, help them build their collection! You could also search for merch from their favorite artists, or make a night of playing their favorite songs and cooking a meal together. If concert tickets are reasonably priced, and there’s an artist they’re wanting to see who’s touring, see if you can book them! It’s something they’ll always remember, and something you’ll get to share and enjoy together. If going to a concert isn’t an option, put on their favorite artist’s best albums and play some board games for a peaceful night in.

  1. For the foodie:

A dinner reservation is a classic Valentine’s Day pastime, but if your significant other loves to try new foods, book a time at a restaurant they’ve wanted to try! You could also order in a few options and have a date night at home with new foods and some music or a show. If they love to cook, try and make a new meal together that neither of you have tried, or that neither of you has cooked together. If you want both a night out and some cozy vibes in, try a new place for dinner and bake a dessert at home that you can enjoy with a movie. 

Emily Baldo

Providence '24

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