Who is PC's Steph Bedea?

Name: Stephanie Bedea

Major: Biology (but really, undecided.)

Class Year: 2021

Hometown: Freehole, NJ


What are you involved with on campus?

I have a radio show on WDOM called B.S. with my co-host Brittney Stoyer. I also skate with the Ice Girls, and memes... put that down.


How would you describe your sense of humor?

Hmm I gotta think... It's rather sexual. It's probably a combination of things people would find offensive and sexual innuendos.


What do you have to say to the haters who just don't get it?

Get a life. No but actually, I would say don't be offended by everything you hear. I tell it like it is. I say things that people are afraid to say. I'm a modern day Rosa Parks.


How would you describe your style?

I would say its pretty surfer. I dress very beachy, which clearly you people (the basic PC preps) don't get.


Where's your favorite place to do homework?

I go to Slavin because my food options are limited. I eat food to procrastinate and so at Slavin I only have my Take 3 chips.


As your freshman year is coming to a close, what advice would you give to next year's freshmen?

Don't come here you'll hate it... Jk. Get involved, that's a typical answer. Bring Tupperware. Ray has great angel food cake and if you want to take the whole thing with you, there's nothing stopping you. Also, don't trust hockey players... or any college men.


Quotes You Deserve to Hear:

"I love putting a full plate of food I didn't eat on the conveyor belt so Ray knows they serve absolute crap"

"Two hot men at one table? Talk about a meal! Ugh, I'm ready for dessert!"