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Which Freshman Dorm Should You Live In?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

McVinney Hall

McVinney 10 floors and is the only dorm option if you want to live in a double. While the rooms are on the smaller side, they do comfortably fit two people. With the beds raised, there is plenty of under-bed storage for anything and everything you have. One big plus is the view! If you live on one of the top floors, there you have great views of the campus. The lounge is huge and has a kitchen as well. View it here

What it comes with

  • Desk with a shelf and drawers
  • 2 closets with a small drawer on the bottom
  • Twin sized bed
  • Water fountain on every floor!!


Meagher Hall

Meagher (pronounced MAR), is 4 floors and has both triples, quads and a very very small number of doubles. The rooms are giant and have plenty of living room and storage space. The lounge is pretty small and there is only a water fountain on the first floor, but an overall solid choice of living for the space. One side also looks out on the quad which is a nice view. Tour it here

Comes with:

  • Twin XL bed
  • Dressers (varies on how many)
  • 3 closets (basement floor has wardrobes instead)
  • Desks with drawers
  • Storage space above closets


Raymond Hall

Ray is 3 floors and is definitely a top choice for most girls. There are a mixture of quads and triples with plenty of room. The rooms are located directly above the dinning hall which is a major perk for convenience. The lounge is average sized and there is a water fountain on every floor. 

Comes with:

  • Twin XL
  • Half Dressers
  • 3 Closets with storage space above
  • Desks with shelves and drawers

Whichever dorm you chose, be confident! There is not one that is the worst or the best; they all have their pros and cons.