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What I Did While People Ran the Boston Marathon

26,948 people were doing the unbelievable of running 26.2 miles on Monday during the Boston Marathon. I, on the other hand, was not. Let me take you through a long list of things that I did while runners raced through the cold, windy, and rainy course. 

1. Turned off 3 of my alarms

2. Woke up, but laid in bed for a solid hour

3. Realized it was too late to get breakfast

4. Ate a granola bar I found

5. Forgot my rain jacket

6. Got soaked from the rain

7. Complained about how I got soaked from the rain

8. Sat in class for an hour

9. Almost fell asleep walking back from class

10. Promptly took a nap

11. Ate a donut for lunch

12. Pull out computer

13. Open sakai

14. Nah

15. Watch Netflix

16. Do literally nothing of importance for the rest of the day

17. Complain about how I have so much work

18. Look at marathon results

19. Wow, inspiring, I think I can do it

20. Put on shoes

21. Walk over to track

22. Notice how many people are there

23. Turn around

24. Sleep.

25. Dream about a day where you might actually be able to run 26.2 miles


Congrats to all the runners, you are all so inspiring. 


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