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With speculations swirling for weeks before the 1989 vault puzzles appeared on Google, many Swifties were still surprised by the vault tracks. This Swiftie still believes there are surprises left in store. 

One of the most shocking surprises regarding the 1989 vault tracks is that there are no collaborations, leaving many creators wondering if there will be a second version of the album with collaborations. Since Taylor Swift has included collaborations with every rerecord, why would 1989 Taylor’s Version be different? 

Swifties need to consider the Target Edition Tangerine Vinyl bonus track more carefully. Many Swifties theorized that Harry Styles could appear on a vault track, but many of his fans do not believe he will sacrifice his clean discography. However, having a song that is only available on vinyl could accomplish both. While the photograph of the back cover on Target’s website says the bonus track is “Sweeter than Fiction,” more vinyl variants could be on the way. 

The Tangerine Vinyl could also be pointing towards the release of Karma, the album that Swift originally intended to release between 1989 and reputation, according to numerous fan theories. Since the color scheme of the album is allegedly orange, the Target edition vinyl could be an easter egg. Swift could be using the rerecords as an opportunity to release Karma as it was intended.

Another option to consider is the eventual release of a 1989 Taylor’s Version Deluxe album. Since Taylor wrote over a hundred songs for this album, Swifties were expecting a large vault, potentially larger than all the other rerecords so far. 

This theory is plausible, especially given the recent Taylor Nation post mentioning how Jack Antonoff and Swift gave us three award-winning albums. Additionally, Swift’s recent outing in a Shania Twain graphic t-shirt points to the potential of 1989 Taylor’s Version becoming a double or even triple album. One of these albums could be composed entirely of collaborations, which would be unprecedented, even for Swift. 

With 1989 Taylor’s Version’s emphasis on a coastal theme instead of a “Welcome to New York” theme, more of the vault tracks could highlight Rhode Island, where our chapter’s campus is located. Even if five vault tracks are all Swift plans to release, the smallest state could get more songs dedicated to its beaches and history.

Christina Charie

Providence '25

Christina is a political science and economics double major at Providence College. On campus, she is the Opinion Editor for the college's newspaper and a member of the campus comedy club. She has a passion for women's rights, fashion, and art.