The Types of Girls You Befriend in College


There are so many different types of girls that you will meet in college. Here’s a list of some of the most commons types of gal pals! Which one are you?

The Roommate By DefaultShe’s your first friend because you guys have to be friends with each other… for now. Sometimes people get lucky and their randomly assigned roommate becomes their best gal pal. But most of the time your freshman roommate is just a person you share living space with.

The ClassmateShe’s in almost all of your classes probably because you share the same major. You’ve been project partners and worked on countless homework assignments together. The two of you have never actually hungout outside of the classroom except a warm hello when you pass each other in the quad. 

The Drunk Bathroom GirlOH MY GOD BECKY THAT DRESS LOOKS AMAZEBALLS ON YOU! The two of you run into each other almost every night you go out to a bar. You embrace, compliment each other, and INSIST that you two will get coffee soon…but you won’t. But hey, at least she told you that your hair looks killer tonight. 

The Party AnimalYou haven’t experienced peer pressure until you’ve met this girl. You could be fast asleep, haven’t showered in days, and swamped with homework but somehow her persuasive ways will get you off your ass and pregaming in no time. She can outdrink anybody and is always up for shots. Or shot gunning. Or slapping the bag. And she’s never hungover…She actually isn’t human.

The BetchShe’s kind of the worst, but you put up with her. She will tell you how it is up front even if it’s not what you want to hear. Sometimes the things she does and says isn’t how you roll, but she’s been a good friend to you somewhere in the past and for that you can’t get rid of her.

The Soul SisterShe is probably going to be one of your bridesmaids, if not the maid of honor. This girl is your sister from another mister. You love the same food, have the same sleeping schedule, speak only in code, live life relating things to inside jokes, and are probably on the same monthly cycle. She would do anything for you, just like you would do anything for her. Don’t ever let this friend go because they don’t come around too often.

The SlothShe doesn’t do anything but sleep and eat. And she probably eats every meal in her room. It’s a struggle to get her to come out at night; usually you can convince her by tell her there will be pizza. Good luck with this one.

The Scarlet LetterBoy oh boy is she a wild one… with the boys. This girls a mastermind at getting free drinks at the bar, but she also never sleeps in her own bed. There have actually been rumors that she hooked up with the hot TA from your biology class. She’s got a huge heart and loves everyone… literally.  

The Serial Girlfriend

Don’t think she’s been single since you met her during freshman orientation. She’s gone from her highschool sweetheart boyfriend straight into her new relationship with the guy in chem class. He’s nice but the next minute she’ll be onto her new prey.  She might even be your first friend who gets engaged.