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TV Shows with Great Female Friendships You Should be Watching (if you aren’t already)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

While the title might seem like it wouldn’t be empowering for women or focus on female friendship as much as it does the heart of this show is the friendship better the protagonist the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Rebecca Bunch, and her co-worker and best friend Paula. While they are at very different points in their lives Rebecca just moving to West Covina, CA to get back with her camp boyfriend from 10 years early, and Paula is a fairly unhappily married mother of 2 working as a legal ad where Rebecca started working as a lawyer. While sometimes the friendship seems one sided with Paula ALWAYS being there for Rebecca, they show what female friendship is really like, including all of the ups and downs. Whether Paula is helping Rebecca with some wild scheme or Rebecca is helping Paula get into law school they are there for each other when they need to be.

Both seasons are on Netflix now and season 3 will be on the CW this fall


With this show you come for the dysfunctional Gallagher family drama but stay for the friendships that help keep that dysfunction at bay. The main female friendship at the center of this show is between Fiona Gallagher and her neighbor Veronica “V”. This friendship is one that really shows how important friendships can be for people. Fiona has pretty much raised her five siblings while her father has been an addict and her mother left, and her friendship with V is one of the things that keeps her sane through all of it. while Fiona’s situation isn’t always relatable how important her friendship with V is and I know that for me personally my friends, both here at PC and at home are one of the few things that keep me sane.

Seasons 1-6 are on Netflix, all seasons are on Showtime Anytime

Parks and Rec

If anyone tries to say this show isn’t one of the greatest comedies to ever air on TV I will argue with you on that one, all with fantastic quotes from all of the characters. That being said though all of the amazing women on this show showcase what friendship is really about, mutual respect and caring about each other, and Leslie Knope and Ann Perkin’s friendship is the main focus of that. They always cheer each other and want what is best for the other, which is so important in any friendship. While so many other shows have women judging each other and tarring them down, this shows how women can be support systems and always be there for each other.

All seasons are on Netflix



This show is my newest OBSESSION, and I am trying to get anyone and everyone to watch it, so that is partly why it is on this list, that and Betty and Veronica’s friendship. While on the surface this show is a dark take on the Archie comics following the characters in their town of Riverdale after the murder of Jason Blossom, it also highlights all of the friendships from the original comics. Betty and Veronica are sometimes frenemies, which honestly needs to stop being the troupe for female characters, when they are friends they are there for each other 100%. While this show is new and there’s only be 7 episodes, so the friendships can change in coming seasons, and season 2 has been confirmed.

Past episodes are on CWtv.com and new episodes air on Thursday nights at 9 on The CW


This show is badass, and feminist AF, which was something new when if first premiered in 1998. The friendships between the Halliwell sisters is one that shows how your family members are your first friends and your best friends, but it also shows how sister fight. While they are witches they are typical sisters they fight like sisters, but are there for each other through everything whether it’s fighting demons, or encouraging each other to follow their dreams.

All episodes are on Netflix

Jessica Jones

Another badass , feminist show that you should be watching if you aren’t already. While this show focuses on Jessica Jones fighting against villain Killgrave, it also focuses on the relationship between her and her best friend/adopted sister Trish Walker. Both women have been through really difficult things in their past, and were there for each other during all of it. There are times when they hit rough pacts in their friendship, but that is part of life and any normal friendship, which helps to show how friendships between women really are.

All episodes are on Netflix and season 2 of the Netflix original will be up sometime next year


While this show can be problematic at times, it does show what friendship means to women in their 20s are they are trying to navigate their lives. The characters that Lena Dunham has created show how women all in the same age range can be all be at very different points in their lives, and all need different things from each other. The characters’ issues are new sugarcoated or glossed over, especially when they fight with each other. Their fights show the way women can fight with each other, especially when they’re close friends, which most shows don’t do. Even when they fight at the end of they all of the girls in Girls know they need each other and are their for one another

All episodes at on HBOGO and HBONOW and new episode of the final season air on Sunday nights at 10 on HBO