Tips to Come Across Cool, Calm, and Collected During Those Unwanted Encounters with People from Your Past While Home for the Holidays

Picture this: you’re standing in line at the deli, waiting for your bacon, egg, and cheese, looking like you've just rolled out of bed, (probably because you have). Then, who but the kid you sat next to in math class all throughout your junior and senior year of high school gets in line next to you. You two were never very close, his name is Jimmy, maybe? Jack? Somehow though, your mind becomes overwhelmed with commands to say hi, ask about his school, his life, and other meaningless questions to which you don't care to remember the answers.

Returning home for the holidays can be a bit tricky. It can be confusing struggling with the desire not to be seen as rude, and the desire not to say hi to that boy you knew years ago that now happens to be standing next to you in the deli line. Here are a few tips to come across cool, calm, and collected during those unwanted encounters with people from your past while home for the holidays.


1.It is ok just to say a quick hello, flash a smile, or even do nothing at all!

If you see someone you knew, but aren't interested in talking to them; there is no unspoken rule saying you have to. That being said, if you are afraid of coming across rude, don't be scared to offer a quick hello or even just a small smile. Most likely, they're feeling the same way you are; they might also be relieved to see that you're not really into the pointless conversations either.

2. Mentally prepare answers for the generic questions you know you’ll be asked.

Obviously, don't go to such great lengths as to write out a script or anything, but everyone knows those questions they've been asked at every family event attended since move-in-day. Questions like: how is school going? Do you like your roommates? How are your classes? Sorting your thoughts on these subjects before being asked might help you give brief and clear answers, especially for questions you might not be too excited to answer.

3. Attempt to avoid getting caught up in old drama from high school.

You’re only going to be home for a short time before going back to school. As easy as it can be to talk about that thing you heard about that girl from high school, one slip of the tongue can risk creating a less than favorable time at home. When speaking to old classmates remember to stay positive, and avoid damaging comments.

4. Understand that regardless of how your school experience is going, you are still trying and that is something to be proud of.

College is stressful, and things don’t always turn out as we plan. Whatever is going on in your life, whether it is incredible and you want to scream your pleasantries from the rooftops, or is seemingly terrible and you want to curl up and hide from your misfortunes, you are still trying, and that is something to be proud of. Everyone you see will tend to embellish when speaking of their lives in college, and that is ok. We're all human, we all want to put our best face forward, but no one is perfect, and that is ok.


Happy holidays!


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