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The Hidden Truths Revealed; Season 2 Euphoria

Euphoria is a show that is loved and known for its fantastic character development as well as  incredible set design. Euphoria Season 2 once again pulled in a large audience as viewership is up nearly 100% from Season 1. According to Variety, “Euphoria” Season 2 premiere, which first aired Jan. 9, has drawn 13.1 million viewers across multiple HBO and HBO Max to date, with Episodes 2 and 3 tracking similarly, per HBO. That is close to +100% the 6.6 million average audience size that was drawn by Season 1 episodes in-season during summer 2019.” This statistic demonstrates the audience's loyalty to this unique show with an obscenely talented cast. 

Season 2 of Euphoria dives deeper into the characters' relationships and struggles. As many got to know and love the characters in Season 1, Season 2 reveals an entirely new perspective. In Season 2 we see a softer side to Nate as he battles between his feelings for Cassie and Maddy. Nate is notorious for his bad boy persona and good looks, as his relationship with Maddy in Season 1 kept fans at the edge of their seats. Fans did not expect a budding romance to form between Nate and Cassie as Cassie is seemingly the complete opposite of Maddy. Along with this struggle in his romantic life, Nate deals with his father’s hidden past which Cal eventually revealed to the family. Cal’s past is slowly revealed to the audience highlighting his struggle to conceal his past from his wife and children. Speaking of hidden struggles, Rue is on the verge of exposing her secret of her addictive drug use once again to Jules and her family. Rue’s battle with drug addiction is portrayed in an authentic and heart wrenching way. According to Forbes, “The tragic irony is that Rue has spent so many episodes striving for this relationship, only to reduce herself to a state of dissociation, unable to feel what she desperately wants.” Rue’s struggle in her personal relationships is brought to light in Season 2 as she slowly learns to be vulnerable with others and upfront about what she is going through.  Aside from the minor difference in the characters' lives, there is one common denominator as mentioned in Forbes as, “the characters strive to break free from the chains of morality and consequence, embracing their sinful desires, spilling secrets like body fluids.” The characters in the show risk their well being to hold on to secrets and emotions. This makes the show both intriguing and irritating as the characters struggle day to day with these weights that control their lives. As Season 2 Euphoria’s loyal fans are excited to see how the characters will continue to transform.

Grace is a Sophomore at Providence College, studying Finance. She has always enjoyed writing in her free time and reading books especially mystery and romance novels. Also in her free time she loves spending time with friends, staying active, and going on adventures.
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