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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you have dreamed of attending a fashion week event. Thanks to Her Campus, fortunately, this dream was achieved! 


Honestly, I did not know what to expect before attending the event. I wasn’t sure how many people would show up, whether I’d want to stay the whole time, or if I’d even like the trends. This all changed when my friend and I entered the venue. Immediately, we were greeted with two large bags filled with sample products. I was shocked to go through the bags to find brands I love (Tarte, Essie, EOS, Nyx, etc.). Walking around the venue, it was every influencer’s dream: numerous Instagramable picture spots. Her Campus made sure that each station had a different aesthetic to ensure we’d have varying content to post. My favorite picture station was the ball pit of EOS chapsticks (not kidding). Primark even had different areas where you could try on different looks. This was a blessing and a curse as my shopping cart on the Primark website is currently more than I can afford (gotta love a college student budget). For those wanting to spice up their look, Ulta also had a station where attendees could get their hair and makeup done by professional stylists. One of my favorite things about the event was people watching. Every girl was dressed in their best street style which gave me lots of inspiration for future looks.  

Focusing in on the highlight of the event, I was extremely impressed with the fashion show. Being a model, I know the confident and empowering feelings you get as you walk down the runway. Rather than hiring professional models, Her Campus gave chapter members a chance to experience this. I loved seeing each girl, feeling confident, while embodying HC’s “Real Runway” initiative. This show truly redefined society’s typical “fashion image”, proving everyone and anyone can rock the runway. Throughout the event, there were three different shows: “Modern Normad”, “Printed Paradise”, and “Power Pose”. Modern Nomad showcased colorful fall takes on street style fashion. Some of my favorite trends featured were overalls (both as a jumpsuit and dress) paired with sweaters underneath, fur vests, and long coats. Printed Paradise emphasized bold patterned statement pieces. Many of the looks included a basic tee with a patterned pair of pants. This is a perfect look for any college student as it only requires one purchase. My favorite show of the night was the “Power Pose”. Girls strutted down the runway in casual street-wear with Beyoncé playing in the background. This show gave numerous ways to spice up any graphic tee.


For anyone who did not attend the event this year, DEFINITELY try to attend the next event. It was truly a great experience for any fashion lover.


Aria Wolkowicz

Providence '22

Hi! I’m Aria and I’m a freshman at Providence college! I’m currently studying marketing and I hope to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Some of my hobbies include going to the beach, hanging with friends, trying new restaurants, and petting every dog I see.