Meet Maria Sciancalepore '20

Today I asked my roommate and friend Maria a bunch of questions so that you could get to know her more!

Name: Maria Sciancalepore

Age: 18

Year: Sophomore

Major: Global Studies and Economics

Hometown: Hoboken, NJ

Q. What is your favorite Halloween movie? A. Hocus Pocus

Q. Ray or Alumni? A. Alumni

Q. Where is your favorite study spot? A. Slavin overlook

Q. Would you rather take civ for 4 years or eat only ray for 4 years A. Take civ for 4 years

Q. Where do you love to travel? A. Rome because my family lives there and I love it when I get to see them

Q. What advice would you have for freshman year you? A. I would tell myself to not worry about what everyone else is doing

Q. Who inspires you? A. I would say my grandpa. He came with his dad to America with barely anything. He chose to postpone schooling to support his family by working. Later on he went to school to support his wife and family and started his own business. Even today, he still works to give his grandkids a better life.

Thanks for sharing Maria!!