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A list of why the week before finals is worse than finals week:


  1. EVERY professor who thinks they are ”doing you a favor” by having your final exam/paper the last day of class. 3/5 of my teachers do this. It makes the last three weeks of the semester awful.

  2. Those professors who not only have you write a huge research paper, but you ALSO have a final exam. Oh, and a presentation. Because we have so much time on our hands.

  3. In the Spring, it’s finally nice out and people are hanging outside on towels enjoying the sunshine, but NOT YOU!! Your classes have a terrible two weeks of finals and papers, so you’re stuck inside. (with severe FOMO)

  4. You’re still making summer job/internship plans

  5. Knowing that you will be able to count the hours of sleep you’ll be getting each week until summer on two hands.

  6. The stress of packing up and cleaning your room on top of studying!

  7. Snacks are running low. Ray is getting worse because they don’t order food anymore. Moral runs REALLY low.

  8. Having to say goodbye to your friends one by one.

  9. Being one of the last people on campus if you have the unlucky last final time on the Saturday.

  10. The decisions of going out or studying, and usually choosing to go out and then regretting it the night before your test.

  11. You’re stressed, your roommates are stressed, your friends are stressed, everyone is stressed and the whole school atmosphere changes- earlier and earlier.

  12. The library and other study space become PACKED because people who never go there start using it.

  13. Those people who save themselves a desk in the library the minute it goes 24 hours, but never seem to use the reserved desk.

  14. You just keep looking forward to summer and seeing your friends from home and being in your house with your bed for a few months- and you lose even more motivation.

  15. You have to study on top of your regular week’s schedule- and there is not enough time in the day to get it all done

  16. At the end of the week, you’re relieved- but then remember it’s now finals week and you REALLY don’t have free time

Cierra Duclos

Providence '20

Cierra Duclos is a Political Science and History double major at Providence College. On campus she is involved in Club Figure Skating, PC Democrats, and HerCampus. She also enjoys watching Netflix, finding new gluten free foods, cuddling with her dogs, and hanging out with her friends. Her dream job is working as a coporate lawyer in Boston.
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