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Kardashian Baby Names: The Official Opinion

Probably the two things I’m most passionate about in this world are the Kardashians and babies.
With both Kim and Kylie welcoming daughters within the past 2 months and Khloe being due in April,
you can pretty much say this is the most awesome time to be alive!! Now not only will our generation
know the Kardashian clan, but so will the next. I am fully on board with it. Before I even get into talking
about those cute lil babies, we all need to take a moment and thank our savior Kris motherfrickin’
Jenner for blessing us with not only this triple baby surprise, but for inventing the most iconic family of
all time. Also, if you don’t think Kris Jenner planned to have her 3 grandchildren born one after the
other, you are delusional and do not respect the hard work ethic of Mama Kris.

Chicago West
Chi West. I honestly adore the name. For anyone thinks this kid is going to have a hard time in life
because her name is Chicago, get a reality check. She will never have to work a day in her life, hence no
need to put her name on job applications, thus your argument is invalid. I fully support the name
Chicago due to it having significant meaning to Kimye, since Kanye is from Chi-Town. They’re calling her
Chi as well which is super cute. Honestly, I give the West’s an 8/10 in the name game.

Stormi Webster
Ok… I get it. Stormi has a ‘cutesy’ feel to it, but honestly can you picture an adult woman named Stormi
who’s not a stripper, crack-addict, and/or porn star? (LOL) It sounds like a cliché trashy teen mom name
straight off of 16 and Pregnant. I get that Kylie is trying to say that there was ‘a calm before the storm’
before the birth of her daughter, but it most likely seems like a marketing ploy for Kylie Cosmetics storm
collection, which is awful to think about. Yup, I said it. No bueno. 3/10. (I’m probably going to feel bad
about myself for the next 3 and half days for picking on a baby .)

??? Thompson
I have HIGH hopes for Baby Thompson. With Khloe saying she is not against bringing back the K-name
vibe, I am super duper excited!! Although she has hinted in going in a more traditional route than her
sisters, I predict her name selection won’t be too-plain Jane. I’m assuming Baby Thompson’s name will
be something creative, yet nothing completely outlandish. Yeah, I’m definitely NOT counting down the
days till this one is born…

A new generation of Kardashian’s is upon us. It’s like a monarchy, but more important. I don’t know
about you, but I never want to stop Keeping Up!!



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