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This is the perfect time to clear your closest from all of your bulky coats and sweaters, and say goodbye to your winter scarves and snow boots for good.  This winter was brutal, and we couldn’t be more excited to embrace the sun and warm weather, and show off a fun and cute spring wardrobe. Check out this list of perfect shoes to prepare you for spring and bring you to the end of the school year. 




Every PC girl loves to break out her classic Sperry’s when spring rolls around, but this year also check out this best seller Women’s Crest Vibe Sneaker in a variety of colors.


Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers are the perfect shoe to wear all spring and summer, and can be casual or used to dress up an outfit.  Not to mention, a Golf Party classic. From their signature sandals to wedges and flats, Jack Rogers offers so many cute options in many different colors. This Nantucket Sandal is a great option that will add subtle color and go with 90% of your outfits. 


Nike Sneakers


Whether you’re hitting the gym or enjoying the sun on a run outside, a new pair of Nike sneakers is a great way to get excited about staying active this spring.  Nike’s designs and colors offer such great options, or you can design your own!




Flats are a simple staple that can add a pop of color or the finishing touch to a spring outfit.  These flats are from J.Crew and are comfortable and come in every color you could want. 


What are your favorite shoes to wear when the sun comes out?

Happy Spring!!

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