How to Throw the G.O.A.T. Super Bowl Party

Everyone loves Super Bowl parties, football fans or not. It's the perfect opportunity to stuff your face, procrastinate homework, and hang out with friends. It is also probably the only time that you actually want to watch commercials. If this is your first time hosting a Super Bowl Party or if you're just looking to step up your hosting game I've got you covered. From the food to the decorations, here is what you need for your party to go off without a hitch. 

1. Friends

This is a given, you can't have a party without people to enjoy it with. While everyone loves the Super Bowl, I would advise you to only invite friends. This is for a couple of reasons, one being that some people tend to get a little out of hand watching sports. You want to be able to trust that your party-goers won't break your things. The second reason being is you want the vibe to be right. If you invite people you know are a good time you won't have to worry about it being weird or awkward.

2. Decorations

In order to take your party to the next level, decorations are a must. There are a bunch of different ways that you could go about this. One option would to keep it to a basic football theme. Another option (the better option) is to decorate your space according to your team's colors. This second option can be a little tricky if you don't live in the area of the team you support. The Dollar Tree has a variety of different color streamers, plates and napkins, so you can at least decorate according to your team colors. You can find plenty of ideas for the decor of your party by searching "football party" or "Super Bowl Party" on Pinterest. 

3.  Appetizers

Another key aspect of a good Super Bowl party is the food! The best Super Bowl parties have a full on spread. The more dips, chips, and sliders the better. Pinterest has so many great recipes for appetizers. It also has tons of options for making your appetizers be football themed as well. If you're feeling extra crafty, you can even make a full on snack stadium display. Personally, I recommend that you make mini pigs in blankets because it is a cheap option that ends up giving you a lot of food. 

4. Main Meal

While appetizers are great, you shouldn't rely solely on them. A main dish is also important to have at your get-together. My two go-tos are wings and pizza. This can be expensive so you can definitely opt for one or the other. If you are going to have one option, make sure you take a poll and get something that at least the majority will eat. 

5. Beverages

For the 21+ crowd, the choice for beverages is pretty self explanatory. For the rest of your party make sure you have juice, soda, water, and maybe even Gatorade. Definitely over buy for this because you never know how the game is going to effect your drinking habits. To be extra creative, get a drink dispenser with a cute sign saying “water break”. Another option is to make some sort of punch. 

6. Desserts

While dessert can be a favorite, it’s definitely not a center stage staple of a super bowl party. Most people over do it with the apps that by the time it’s dessert they can’t eat anymore. If you’re going to skimp out anywhere, dessert is the place to do it. My suggestion is to either buy cupcakes or make them yourself with chocolate frosting and make them look like footballs. People will appreciate the effort even though it was minimal. 

Finally, Team Spirit is the most important ingredient to having the GOAT Super Bowl party. For further inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board.