How To Thank Your Professor

Throughout your college experience, you will encounter at least one professor who makes your semester great and changes your outlook on college, your career path, or life itself. Here are some ways to thank your professors.


  1. Our School Website: PC makes it really easy for us to thank our professors! You can thank them anonymously with a nice message. Here’s the link!
  2. An Email: If you have already gone home for the summer, and can’t write a note, an email is a great way to say thank you, for a great semester. This can also be done when handing in final assignments as a note in the email!
  3. A Note: Everyone loves a nice, meaningful handwritten note, and I know that professors hang the cards that they get from students in their office, and a handwritten note means a lot to them.
  4. A Small Gift: Whether it’s a gift card or a nice decoration for their desk, a gift is something for them to remember you by.
  5. In Person: Either after your final, or during their office hours, a nice handshake and a “thank you for a great semester” is always classy when you finish a semester.
  6. Keeping in Touch: Letting a professor who inspired you know how things are going is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them, and it’s a great way to build and strengthen your network.