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How to Go Out Without Being All Out

If you are a woman in college, odds are you have felt the pressure on any given night to wear something that is provocative and sexy. It’s 2017, wanting to look sexy and grab the attention of guys does not deem you a slut. However, if you are not comfortable wearing clothes that border on being naked, then you should not feel pressured to wear them! The key to looking sexy is not in the amount of cleavage or midriff you are showing. The major key (alert), is to feel confident! If you are worried that you don’t look good in something and you’re uncomfortable with your outfit, it’s going to show. Even if you look fire in your outfit, if you are visibly uncomfortable, all of that midriff is just a waste. So, if you want to look sexy and feel confident while going out, here are a few outfits that will do the trick!


1. Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Off-the-shoulder tops are perfect for going out. In an off the shoulder number, you aren’t bearing so much skin that it’s the only thing people notice. The model in the picture below isn’t showing a lot of skin and yet, she would definitely catch the eye of a few guys wearing this outfit. Another perk to off-the-shoulder tops is that there are so many different kinds out there. You can find some that are more flowy and maybe slightly cropped, or you can get one that is also a bodysuit that is guaranteed to keep you covered.

2. Bodysuits

Bodysuits are a great option because you know they’re not going anywhere. Like the off-the-shoulder top, there is a large variety in types of bodysuits. Some can be incredibly provocative, while others are flirty to the right degree. I suggest that you find one that you feel the most comfortable in. You can wear your bodysuit with a pair of jeans, or even a skirt! Bodysuits can also be a daytime outfit if you dress them down by wearing jeans and tying a flannel around your waist. The possibilities are endless!

3. High Waisted Skirts

High waisted skirts are a saving grace. They really dress up any top that you have and create the perfect “going out” ensemble. The most popular options for a going out skirt this season have been denim and corduroy. You can wear these with a crop top and bear some slight midriff, or you could also wear it with a regular shirt or bodysuit.

4. Loose Fitted Shirts

Loose fitted shirts are perfect for the more bohemian collegiate. Loose fitted shirts are super cute. The shirt in the picture below would be perfect to wear on a Friday. You could wear it to class with pants and then dress it up for the evening. If you choose to pair it with ripped skinny jeans and booties you will be one of the more on trend girls in the room.



5. Rompers

While the weather is still warm, rompers are my go-to. You can dress this up with the right pair of shoes and accessories. Another added bonus is that no gust of wind is going to turn you into Marilyn Monroe. They’re fun and flirty, just all around a good time.


There you have it! It is possible to look sexy without bearing all that you’ve got. In the end, only you can judge what you feel the most comfortable in. What really matters is how confident you are, not how much skin you’re showing.Take it from someone who has been there, the pressure to be scantily clad does exist. However, no one is going to judge you for covering up a little, if anything, they’ll applaud you.  

Megan McGunigle is a Political Science and English double major at Providence College. On campus, Megan is involved with WDOM the student run radio station, Club Figure Skating and the organization Generation Citizen. Generation Citizen helps to civically engage students in local middle schools and high schools. She also enjoys ice cream, chocolate, and pizza. Her dream job would be working as a journalist in Washington D.C. to write about all the country's political happenings.
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