Group Costume Inspo

 Halloween is just around the corner which means everyone will be planning their costumes. There is nothing worse than getting to the last days before Halloween and struggling to put a costume together, especially when it is a group costume. If you and your crew want to do a group costume but are lacking inspiration, here are some relatively inexpensive ideas that haven't been TOO overdone...

The Scary Costumes: American Horror story is always a good choice, there are multiple seasons to choose characters from and you can either go really scary (twisty the clown) or less scary (coven girls)

The Meme Costumes: Nothing is cheaper or funnier than a meme costume and there are so many to choice from

The TV Show Costumes: Although I love the Office and Parks and Rec, in terms of Halloween costumes they're a little overdone. So here are some other shows that have great characters to dress up as: It's Always Sunny, New Girl, Glow (if you haven't watched this on Netflix you should). 

The PunnyCostumesThese are always a good conversation starter like "cereal killers" or "spice girls."

The Throwback Costume: Everyone loves a good throwback like Justin and Britney's denim masterpiece or those classic tracksuits the Cheetah Girls wore. For extra points double up on a throwback and meme (Arthur fist)

The Classic Costumes (with a twist): The best is the sexy ghost costume, it's just the best...

Now go out there and get Spooky yall!



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