The Finals Week Survival Guide

Finals week is approaching next week… oh no. Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive the worst week of the semester!


Visual your schedule

You may know that you have an accounting exam, a CIV exam, an art history exam, and a history exam. But do you know what days they’re on and what times they’re at? Create a little calendar for the week for yourself. Visualizing the week ahead may help with stress and it will also help you plan your study times.

Study guides

Usually when a professor is nice they provide your class with a study guide. However, when professors aren’t so generous, it’s up to you as the student to make your own study guide. Go through notes and textbooks to outline key points. Hopefully you highlighted throughout the semester to save yourself some time of skimming through sloppy hand written notes. Study guides come in handy when you’re cramming minutes before the exam as well.



Don’t lose sleep. Studies have been done and show that lack of sleep actually lessens the amount of information that is retained. Also, don’t save all your studying for nighttime. Wake up early or study right after your afternoon class ends. Use the night to rest and recharge yourself.




On the other hand, there are some students who haven’t seen the back of their eyelids for the past 72 hours (name that rap song). Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are only 100 feet away no matter where you are on campus. And hey, if you’re not a big coffee drinker but need a kick of caffeine, tea is an awesome substitute.

Take advantage of free food on campus


A lot of schools, especially here at PC, offer free food during finals week. In fact, PC just released their schedule for free food next week! (Check out the Stall Street Journal located on your nearest dorm bathroom stall). There’s Wendy’s… Chik-fil-a…the Creperie….It’s great. Take advantage of that.

Get the perfect study spot

Everybody works best in their own special spot. My personal favorite spot to study are the couches in the middle of the library on the first floor. The reading room attached to the Aquinas lounge is super cozy as well! Figure out where you work best, whether it’s at a table or on a couch. And stick with it!


Make the right playlist

This only applies to those who listen to music while they study. I know people who actually listen to loud music with song lyrics, yet they can focus like it’s nothing. I, on the other hand, cannot do that. I like to listen to tunes without any lyrics so I have noise cancelations but a nice beat to get my mojo going. Classical is always a helpful option as well - don’t bash it before you try it!




Don’t let one test determine who you are. Try your best and work your hardest. If you know the information, don’t over think it when your professor hands you the exam. You’re going to do perfectly fine.


Good luck, even Ryan Gosling believes in you.