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Ladies we’re back at it! New School, new you. What better way to start off the new year, than to have a perfectly cozy, stylish and chic dorm room? Let’s be real, there is nothing better than jumping right in to your cozy, pillow-overloaded bed after a long day of dragging your sleep deprived self to the gym, classes, dining hall, library, club meetings, yati yati yatah, the list is endless. But to get back to your bed after a long day’s work, now that is something I think we all look forward to. So shouldn’t our sacred place be one that is as stylish as we are (or try to be?!). I think yes.                

It’s all about color. Color schemes are key to an aesthetically pleasing and Instagram worthy dorm room. Choosing a color scheme may be tough if you and your roommate/s don’t exactly share the same style. If this is true for you, you might want to try out some simpler colors, like white, navy, beige/champagne as your main colors and then add accents and pops of your favorite colors! This way your room flows nicely and isn’t overwhelmingly colorful. A perfect, and true life example of this, is my dorm room. I am a very girlie, very pink, and very Lilly, type of girl and my side of the room 100% showcases that. One of my roommates would not be caught dead in pink, all of her stuff is blue which did work out nicely because pink and blue are perfect for each other. My third roommate ties it all together, she has a simply white bedding with blue accents and pops of pink and gold in her pillows and wall décor. So tying your different styles together may seem impossible but it really doesn’t have to be.

Next is uniqueness. My favorite thing about dorm styling is that you have the opportunity to truly make it your own. I printed pictures by some of my favorite artists that I feel represent me, and my lifestyle. I spray painted a few frames gold, locked in the pictures, and hung them forming a beautifully unique and personal gallery wall.  Looking up at my wall makes me smile because it presents all of my favorite things which gives me a “home-y” feel. Your dorm room is a space that is uniquely you, that is the perfect place to nap, Netflix, study and be yourself! 


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