Documentaries to Watch Over Break

Christmas break is just around the corner which means you will have plenty of time to relax and watch Netflix. If you are like me, you sometimes get bored of watching the same 5 things on Netflix that you actually enjoy. Here are some Documentaries and Documentary series that will keep your attention over the break.

1.Street FightStreet Fight follows Senator Cory Booker when he was in a battle for mayor in the city of Newark, New Jersey. His opponent Sharpe James is love by the community but is not as good of a guy as people make him out to be. This is one of my favorite documentaries as I am a nerdy political science major. But serious guys it's really good.

2. Amanda Knox- This is the story of the chilling events that took place during a semester abroad. A girl was killed and her roommate, Amanda, was expected to be the killer. This documentary will leave you questioning what you originally believed about the case.

3. Chef's Table- If you are a foodie WATCH THIS. Even if you aren't in to food after watching this show you will want to go make a pasta carbonara or something (I clearly do not cook.) Each episode examines how some of the best cooks in the world make their food. Guaranteed you will leave feeling hungry.

4.Making a Murderer- You may have already binged this during that one month a few years ago when everyone couldn't stop talking about it. If you didn't you definitely should. It gets CRAY. Also the new season just came out so you have a lot to watch.

5. 30 for 30: Fantastic Lies- This documentary isn't on Netflix but is very much worth the watch, it follows the Duke Lacrosse scandal. Any 30 for 30 documentary is good but this one is my favorite.

6. The Jinx- This documentary is like a better version of Making a Murderer. It follows Robert Durst who is part of one of the most powerful families in New York City but is suspected for multiple murders. This documentary is nuts and you will be shook by the end. It's not on Netflix but the whole series is on HBO. 

7. Amazing Hotels- This show looks at a different amazing hotel each episode. It will make you want to quit school and travel around the world. One episode is about the Giraffe Manor and if you don't know what that is you should watch the show because it will make your heart warm. 

8. 13th- Although this is not the most uplifting documentary it is super important for people to watch. It explains the dire situation of our incarceration rate in the US. If you are sick of watching stupid TV, watch this it's really good!

If you want to watch more documentaries you can go to our library page online and click Kanopy under DatabasesKanopy has so many documentaries and are school pays for a subscription so you can watch them all from your computer. Happy Bingeing!