College As Told By The Good Place

If you don't watch The Good Place, then what are you even doing with your life? It is honestly the best show that I have ever watched. I personally relate to Elinor on a spiritual level (low key a problem), and Janet never fails to make me laugh. So without further ado, here is college as told by The Good Place!


When you've been on a diet for so long because of SRW and then your BFF asks if you want to go get yuck truck

When that guy you hooked up with last semester is in your class...

When your new friend tells you the latest campus gossip and it is JUICY


That feeling after you've taken two midterms, and turned in a paper all in one day

When you get said midterms and paper back and by the grace of God you actually did well on them

When you realize the night before that you have a five page paper due

When you get to bottomless mimosa brunch at Rogue Island

As you can see from the Gifs above, The Good Place is LIT. Watch it on Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC!