Changing Up Dining in Friartown

Now that classes are in full swing, the same rotation of pizza, pasta, and burgers is starting to get old. Although Ray may not be a fan favorite when it comes to dining choices on campus, there is room for creativity. Although some may already be fully aware of these things, others may not have thought to try them. Here are some dining hacks that can spice up your week’s meals:  


1. Buffalo Sauce –

This one for some is definitely a given, but is an essential that is available pretty much everywhere. Adding some buffalo sauce to fries on the side is a need, especially after 3 classes in a row. In Ray, it is usually near the chicken, while you have to go to Take 3 to get some in Alumni.




2. Quesadillas in Ray – ​

This hack is a little more time consuming and requires more effort than most. Ray has the ingredients for you to make your own quesadilla on the trustee panini press. This is great to have on Sundays when you want that Take 3 but Alumni is closed. Usually you can grab a tortilla from the sandwich station, and fill it with cheese from the salad station and maybe even some cut up chicken if you are feeling extra ambitious. Depending on the day, there may be extra ingredients next to classics or in the salad bar. I got this hack from my friend and can say  although it requires more time and running around, it is definitely worth it.


3. Grilled Cheese –

Another Ray hack when Take 3 is not open is to make a grilled cheese! The panini press is my best friend at times when everyone wants classics or the Pasta Bar. At the sandwich station, there usually is bread you can grab so you don’t have to wait in line. If you like American cheese, there is some near the Hamburg toppings to avoid the line waiting for a sandwich. This is a great alternative when your friends want to go to Ray but you were dying for Alumni’s grilled cheese!


4. Chicken Caesar Wrap –

Using the sandwich station again, I sometimes like to make my own Caesar wrap when they don’t have it on the special. Using a wrap and the Caesar dressing from the salad bar, I add some croutons, cheese, tomato, lettuce and chicken. By the end of the semester, I can’t keep spending my Friarbucks on the Caesar wraps at Yellas. This way, I still get my Caesar fix at the cost of a swipe.


5. Flos to Go (2 Meals) –

Although this essentially is not Ray itself, Flo’s to Go is physically located in Ray. This is a great way to stock up on snacks or grab lunch on a day you don’t have time to sit in Ray with your friends for hours. For one swipe, you can grab a premade Sodexo salad or sandwich as an entrée, and then up to three snacks of your choice along with a drink. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Sabre hummus cups they have (HUGE upgrade from the hummus and pita!), although they only limit you to one. There are also cookies, chips, carrots/celery, fruit, soup, etc. Even though I usually don’t consume the drink with my meal because I usually just have a water bottle throughout the day, I steal the iced tea, lemonade, or sports drink for the weekend.




6. OBC –

OBC is known for their burgers and curly fries that take FOREVER. But, not everyone knows they have mozzarella sticks and steak sandwiches. The steak sandwiches do not take as long to cook, and the mozzarella sticks are available at all times (unlike Eaton Street late night café). This is a great alternative to burgers while still treating yourself using your Friarbucks.


7. Right fridge alumni –

Although this may be common knowledge, I often forget Sodexo also offers some more “upgraded” prepared meals. These nicer items can be found in the drink fridges to the right when you first walk in Alumni. Though, the nicer salads, sandwiches, and fruit cups do cost you Friarbucks versus swipes.


8. Microwave meals in alumni –

These may also be a given, but when you don’t want to wait for stir fry, Alumni has microwavable Chinese food next to the ice cream freezer before checkout. These are great to have when you don’t want to walk to Alumni to eat!


9. Cheesy Bread (Alumni) –

Like most people, I tend to fly through my Friarbucks and find myself budgeting $20 during the last month. Although it may not be the healthiest or filling, I do enjoy having the Slice of Life cheesy bread for lunch (NGL, sometimes for dinner too). This is a steal for only $2.50(ish). They give you marinara dipping sauce and personally, I would get this every time over a slice of pizza.


10. Grilled Cheese and Soup (Alumni) –

On rainy or cold days, this is my favorite thing to eat. I love the greasy grilled cheeses from Take 3 dipped into the Italian Wedding Soup broth when they have it. This may be a given to some, but on days they have Broccoli Cheddar soup, it is such a win.


Eaton Street Café:


11. Cookies

This is a little treat not many people are aware of. When it hits around lunch time, the bacon egg and cheese to go under the warming cover in Eaton Street Café is swapped out for some delicious cookies. These cookies are warmed, ready to eat after a long stressful class or to power you up for the next one. For a steal at 99 cents, you can make your day that much better.


12. Sandellas and Eaton Street Café

Eaton Street Café is most associated with their late night good eats and self service Starbucks machine. But what some don’t know, is that they have some of the best tasting food on campus. The food company Sandella’s makes flatbreads, paninis, and TO DIE FOR quesadillas. In addition to Sandellas, Eaton street Café makes Bacon Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwiches, tater tots, cheeseburgs, and has a decent supply of quick groceries (for a good markup price) if you don’t have the time to go to the store.