The Best (And Worst) Pumpkin Spice Lattes In Providence

After what seemed like waiting for ever, all of the basic girls within us can now scream for joy, as pumpkin spice season is finally among us. Here are the worst, and the best places to get your pumpkin spice latte fix in Providence. Also, quick shout out to my friend Julia for going all over Providence with me for these pumpkin spice lattes :)



I was honestly the most excited for this one. Before this, I had never experienced the iconic Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Walking into Starbucks, my expectations were as high as possible. However, Starbucks sadly disappointed. Not only was this drink $5, which no college student has the funds for, but it was also one of the worst coffee experiences I have ever had at Starbucks. It not only tasted like artificial pumpkin, but it was completely unsweetened and almost had a hint of a musky type flavor. I definitely suggest skipping this one and saving your $5.


2.Dunkin Donuts

This one I did not have as much hope for, as I am more of a Starbucks person. This definitely met my expectations.  It was overly sweet and similar to the Starbucks, in that it tasted super artificial. It wasn’t awful and I definitely preferred it to the Starbucks one, but still would suggest saving your money and getting one elsewhere.


3.Panera Bread

I’m not gonna lie, I did not have too much hope for this one. I am a huge Panera fan, but when it comes to their drinks, I usually find them to be excessively sweet and not worth the calories. However, after trying this, I have a completely different opinion. This drink had the best pumpkin taste, as it tasted like real pumpkin, with the perfect ratio of sweetness to it. This was not my favorite, but if you’re in a crunch for a pumpkin spice latte, this will definitely give you your pumpkin spice latte fix.


4.White Electric

We happened to find this one on a whim, while walking around searching for coffee shops. It definitely did not disappoint. The latte was the absolute perfect temperature, as outside it was cold and raining, it completely helped to warm me up. The pumpkin in this one tastes especially fresh. I personally would have preferred if this were a little sweeter, as it was somewhat strong and bitter. I would definitely suggest this one, as it was not too pricey, at only $2.95 for a small.


5.Pastiche Fine Desserts

This one we also found randomly while roaming through Federal Hill, hoping to find some coffee shops. Instead, we found a pastry shop. This pumpkin spice latte definitely deserves some recognition. We were able to watch them actually make the latte, and saw that they actually used real pumpkin, which definitely reflected in the taste. It was perfectly sweetened, and also had some hints of cinnamon. This one however was a little more expensive, but if you find yourself in need of a pumpkin spice latte, this one will absolutely satisfy.


6.LaSalle Bakery

This one hits the top of the charts. Instead of having the actual pumpkin spice latte, I instead had the pumpkin chai. This is the best pumpkin spice flavored drink I have ever had. It’s both creamy and thick, resulting in it being rich in taste. I had a hard time finishing it due to how rich it truly is. However, the only issue is with the sweetness. It is very sweet, which I don’t find to be excessive,  but to some it could be. I highly suggest this to anyone and everyone, as in my opinion, it is basically the best drink for fall.