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Bella LeClaire ’19

This morning I sat down with cool-girl and college fashionista Bella LeClaire in our PJs, drinking coffee and laughing about our weekends. Bella is a sophomore at PC and one of my new friends, so I decided to ask her all about her fun and very busy life.

Major: Marketing major with a finance minor

Hometown: Cranston, RI (Far, I know)

Have any nicknames?  I pretty much go by Bella; occasionally my friends will call me Bella-boo though. Haha

Current job? I’m currently a stylist for Madewell at the Providence Place Mall, but I also just became a research intern at Design x RI!

Dream job? I want my sister’s job! She writes articles and goes to showcases where she gets free products.

Can’t live without? My Glossier products!

Beauty secret? I basically only use my Glossier products, but I recently discovered Kiehl’s Fuel Eye De-Puffer to help cover the darkness under my eyes when I’m loaded down with work and can’t catch enough sleep.

Best advice? Stop hating other girls and embrace your friendships! Catty girls aren’t fun.

Fav spot in Prov? Brickway and Wickenden.

Goal for sophomore year?  A’s before baes!!!!         

OK—time for some fun questions.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs 100%.  I do, however, have a cat named Michael.  He definitely resents me because I gave him a human name.

Starbucks or Dunkin? Starbucks, for sure.

Man crush? Thomas Rhett!

Fav 90’s jam? I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys! Is that from the 90’s? I really hope so.  (it is )

Bucket list? To go to New Zealand and do things out of my comfort zone! (to be checked off soon in Fall 2017)

Guilty pleasure? Ray soft serve.

Spirit Animal? A goat because they eat everything and anything. Feed me and I’m probably happy.

Last question, and it’s pretty tricky… When a hot dog expands, in which direction does it split and why?  I think the hot dog would immediately blow up rather than split.  Funny story, I recently just exploded a hot dog in our microwave, and it took forever to clean up. That’s probably super embarrassing, but it happened!

To find out more about Bella, follow her Instagram @isabellaleclair!

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