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A Student’s Guide to Providence Coffee Shops

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

If you are a caffeine addict like me, then there is a good chance you are on the search for some top coffee places in our beautiful city. Living in Providence over the summer has granted an opportunity to explore the best local places to get my caffeine fix here. I have tried quite a few places, so here is my top recommendations for local cafés that offer the best coffees, lattes, and even pastries for all coffee lovers!

1. Little City Coffee & Kitchen

This cute little shop has a small menu of options, but some good ones that anyone can enjoy. When I went, I ordered an iced brown sugar vanilla latte, and it was very satisfying as I sat down near the State House and read my book. I also ordered their delicious olive oil carrot cake that will probably be a go-to whenever I stop here.

Little City also has scones, cookies, and breakfast sandwiches for customers, as well as mocha, coconut caramel, orange blossom and almond, and lavender flavored syrups to try out with any of their drinks. I know I will definitely be back here to try the other things that their menu has to offer!

2. Coffee Connection

I was a huge fan of this place! My first time here I ordered an iced snickerdoodle coffee, which was essentially this sweet flavor of hazelnut and cinnamon that I enjoyed a lot. I have since been back to try interesting flavors like banana hazelnut and french kiss — a swirl of white chocolate and caramel! I think these out-of-pockets flavors are worth a visit in the near future.

In addition to my coffee order, I’ve gotten açaí and pitaya bowls from here. I love any kind of fruity bowl, and these were no exception! They were so sweet and refreshing for the hot and humid day, so I know any açaí bowl that I get from them will be worth it. They also have a good selection of pastries on display and offer breakfast sandwiches that would probably suit any of your cravings.

3. LaSalle Bakery

It is no surprise that this one made the list considering that it is so close to our campus and an obvious go-to spot for students. I find myself here a lot since it is a short walk, and I usually gravitate towards an iced vanilla chai latte that is very sweet, but they also have frappes and smoothies that are really good as well!

They also have more options than I can count. I am a huge fan of their banana chocolate chip muffins and their mini strawberry cheesecake. Their other breakfast options and desserts are also guaranteed to fit anyone’s taste buds, and I can probably spend all of my money getting each item in there. LaSalle is conclusively a popular spot that you should try nearby!

4. Dave’s Coffee

This cafe is small, and it gives a nice feel to grab coffee and get work done inside during the school year. I decided to get an iced vanilla latte, but they also have some options for flavors that add some variety for me to try and mix things up for each visit. I did not order food, but there was an interesting selection of pastries like muffins, donuts and cookies that I would want to try on my next couple of the visits.

I was also amused by the shelves of hoodies, mugs, and stickers available for purchase. I love to buy different mugs for when I make coffee at home, so I would invest in one of theirs to add to my growing collection!

These are just four of many local coffee shops in our lovely city that are excellent options for students and are bound to satisfy both coffee lovers and those with a sweet-tooth. So if you are in the mood for different coffee places and treats, then have fun exploring and happy tasting!

Alyssa Marcus

Providence '23

Alyssa is a senior Political Science major with a Spanish minor at Providence College and co-president for Her Campus! She is also involved in PC's Mock Trial Team, Admissions Ambassadors, and Student Alumni Association. In her free time, she loves photography, traveling, and exploring coffee shops in Downtown Providence!