8 Signs You Go to PC

1. You always hold doors 


2. You REFUSE to walk on the grass


3. Even if you have only met someone once, you now have to say hi to them every time you see them. 


4. You’ve got a little slang from each state, because everyone knows at least one person from Jersey, Mass, or New York. 


5. You have not only accepted and embraced how to pronounce them, but also have to correct someone if they say “Slavin” or “Meagher” wrong 


6.  They may not know it, but you have officially adopted Fran and Dot as your on-campus grandmothers


7. You own multiple items of Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, Lilly Pulitzer, and all the other preppy brand must haves 


8. Once you embrace that Friartown is home, you will forever be a Friar