6 Signs You are a True Bostonian

1. You have MAJOR road rage

Especially in Providence, you just don't understand how half of the cars on the road got their licenses. I mean, are you even remotely aware of your surroundings Rhode Island drivers? Yes, you're a Masshole so your driving is aggressive. However, there is a difference between aggressive and ignorant driving.


2. "Wicked" is your favorite adjective

In Boston, Wicked is not just one of the greatest musicals of all time. While you low-key hate that people make fun of your use ~occasional~ use of the word, you must admit that it is a word that every TRUE Bostonian uses.


3. You have an insane (unhealthy?)  love for Tom Brady

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with admiring what just simply is a God walking among men. 

4. You know what jimmies are

You might call rainbow jimmies "sprinkles". But you know that chocolate jimmies cannot be called anything else.

5. You know how to use a rotary

Personally, I don't understand why this is such a difficult concept for the rest of the country. However, it is always a nice feeling when your friends from school are amazed with your mad driving skills.

6. You drink Dunkin' like water

Anyone who thinks Starbucks is better is simply wrong. There is a Dunlin' on EVERY corner in Massachusetts and we Bostonians are definitely not complaining.