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55 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For My Mom

With mother’s day coming up, I decided to dedicate this weeks post to the woman who means the most to me. After 20 years, my relationship with my mother has changed drastically, and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me. So this one is for you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!


1.     Thank you for giving me life.

2.     Because I wouldn’t be here without you (literally)

3.     Thank you teaching me how to walk. (even though in the process I fell down a flight of stairs)

4.     And making me wear a helmet when riding my bike even though I fought with you every single time.

5.     Thank you for the countless nights you had to sit at my doorway until I fell asleep.

6.     Thank you for putting me in time out all those times because it taught me right from wrong.

7.     Thank you for cooking at least 5 meals for dinner until everyone had something they wanted.

8.     Thank you for being my #1 fan.

9.     And coming to every single one of my soccer games and cheering me on even though I ignored you because I was embarrassed.

10.  Thank you for driving me to all my friend’s houses.

11.  Thank you for supporting all my decisions.

12.  Even when deep down you knew I was not making the right one.

13.  Thank you for always cleaning up after me,

14.  And never getting mad when I would mess it right back up.

15.  Thank you for always wiping my tears,

16.  And teaching me everything happens for a reason.

17.  Thank you for always being so strong.

18.   Because you gave me your strength.

19.  Thank you for always having the right thing to say,

20.  And being understanding even when you disagreed.

21.  Thank you for teaching me table manners.

22.  Thank you for being my therapist/personal shopper/hair stylist/chef/etc.

23.  Thank you for teaching me to work hard for what I want,

24.  And helping me through all the bumps and hardships to get there.

25.  Thank you for helping me make decisions.

26.  Like which pair of shoes to buy or what color nail polish to choose.

27. Thank you for always making me laugh.

28. Even when I am in the worst mood.

29. Thank you for always being down to go to the mall.

30. Even after you yell at me for not budgeting my money well.

31. Thank you for waiting hours for me to get ready.

32. Thank you for supporting my ice cream addiction,

33. And driving me to get ice cream so I wouldn’t be ashamed to go alone.

34. Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself.

35. Thank you for letting me study abroad in Florence.

36.  Even though I know how hard it was for you,

37.  And for overcoming your fear of flying just so you could see me.

38.  Thank you for supporting my coffee addiction,

39.  And instilling in me a strong love for dogs,

40.  And caring for others.

41. Thank you for making me feel beautiful,

42. And for teaching me there’s more to life than your pants size.

43. Thank you for always being patient.

44. Even through my horrible teenage years when I made your life a living hell.

45. Thank you for teaching me how to love,

46.  And how to get through a heartbreak.

47.  Because I don’t know how I would’ve done it without your comfort and advice.

48. Thank you for always hugging me, even when I didn’t hug back.

49. And always making sure I feel loved.

50. Thank you for asking me a million questions a day,

51. And not getting mad when I snap at you and hang up the phone.

52. Thank you for always putting my needs before yours.

53. Thank you for making me the woman I am today,

54. And putting up with me for 20 years.

55. Thank you for being more than my mother, but my best friend.

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