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The 5 Things You Learn When You Travel to Another Country

1. You learn that language barriers, are a real thing.

They’re a tricky thing. You need language for any type of communication. Unfortunately, traveling to a country that doesn’t speak your native language. Even between American English and British England is enough to strike confusion. Some common mix ups are the slang differences like

            Bathroom vs. Louvre

            Chips vs. Crisps

            Soccer vs. Football

            Vacation vs. Holiday

These common everyday words are just enough to cause a language barrier confusion.

2. You appreciate getting lost.

Getting lost in a foreign city? Scary? Nope! Gives more room for adventure. There’s nothing like getting lost on a street corner in Paris where you end up getting a different glimpse of the Eiffel Tower or finding a small new crepe place. Getting lost gives you new experiences that you do not get in your tour guide manual.

3. You can experience new types of food.

Whether it be a different spin on your favorite dish or something completely new – you’ll ALWAYS try the best foods while traveling. Whether it be a crepe in France, Fish n’ Chips in London, Pizza, pasta and gelato in Italy, or sushi in Japan, you’ll always end up with a new love for food in a new place. 

4. You fall in love

Whether it be the place or a person you always fall in love when you are traveling in another place from your home. I don’t know what it is but something about traveling makes you appreciate others and the beauty of their personalities. Think about it- have your ever met an unfriendly person on vacation? Nope. Is it ever not beautiful at the new city you’re experiencing? Nope. Always a new love.

5. You realize how similar the people in all countries are

Exploring and wandering the streets of new cities you realize how similar all people of every culture really are. Even if people speak different languages and have different mannerisms we start to notice, once we’re on the same grounds, we are all human and all similar we are.

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