5 Reasons You Should Be Thrifting Your Wardrobe

#1 the amount of money you will save is insane.

I was very against thrift shopping at the beginning of 2018 because I thought it was ratchet, but as I found myself constantly complimenting my friends clothes and getting the same response “thanks I got it at savers for $5” so I decided to give it a shot. And as a girl who spends every paycheck on clothes it’s been a lifesaving change for me.


#2 Retro clothes are coming back in. 

Yup. Incase you haven’t noticed everywhere you look it’s either mom jeans, 90s men’s sweaters, and vintage T-shirt’s, or all of the above. However you will never hear me complain about that cause these are the comfiest items of clothing I own and when wearing them I have a 100% success rate of receiving at least one compliment throughout my day.


#3 all the greatest fashion icons looks are found at thrift stores

I mean Rachel green, Monica geller, Cher and Dion, Fran Drescher, Ashley banks, the list goes on forever.



#4 the combinations that come from one item in savers are endless and if you’re ever feeling like you can’t think of an outfit idea it’s as easy as typing “70s,80s,90s, or 2000s fashion” into Pinterest


#5 The benefit of just a little thrift shopping on the environmental in incomprehensible

From clothing factories, to shipping these clothes from country to country is the largest contributer to air pollution in the world. So obviously you’re not going to strictly buy thrifted clothes just to help the environment but even just buying a tiny amount in the course of your life will have a much bigger impact than you think.

So yay to saving money,serving looks, and helping the earth!!!!!