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5 Easy Ways to Transition from Winter to Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

As the bitter days of winter come to a close, Mother Nature has collegiettes wondering how they’re going to transition from shivering in negative temperatures to enjoying the sun. While it may be getting warmer out, that doesn’t mean the change is an easy one, especially in unpredictable New England. Here are five tips that will help you cope with your change from hibernation to happiness.

1. Get the perfect all-weather coat. This Betsey Johnson coat from Nordstrom is a great option to keep you warm if it gets chilly out, but it won’t make you sweat on a day with higher temps. It will also protect you from the April showers Rhode Island is known for.

2. Have cute rain boots. Although the heavy snow boots may not be necessary, with spring comes rain and mud. Rain boots are the perfect shoe for gross days, as they protect you from the weather but also keep your feet looking cute and feeling warm.

3. Wear bright colors. The days of dingy black and grey are over as March passes. To get yourself in the mood for spring sunshine, try to work a pop of bright color into your everyday wardrobe. This is an easy way to get your mind out of the winter blues.

4.  Shed your layers. Long gone are the days of puffy coats, scarves and hats. Try wearing your new spring jacket in the morning and shed the layers in the warmth of the afternoon. While it may still be chilly in the a.m., you can guarantee that April and March will bring warm, pretty afternoons that are perfect for showing off your new spring break tan.

5. Organize your closet. It’s hard to get yourself into the spring mindset when the only things you see in your closet are sweaters, jackets and black. Although it may be too early to pull out the sundresses, if you bring them closer to the front of your closet, it will make you that much more excited to wear them. Reminding yourself of the approaching warmer days makes the time move by that much faster, until you can sit out on the quad with all of your friends in the afternoon sun.

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