10 PC Winter Essentials

1. A "mom" coat 


Everyone needs the long coats to keep you warm on those days you have to walk between Harkins and Ryan. Catch the majority in a Canada Goose. 


2. Snow boots 


It is only December 1st and we have seen snow on multiple occasions at PC. While these are a given, you do not want to be getting your cute suede booties all messy because you didn't think it was necessary to change into snow boots. 


3. Vests 


Vests are an adorable addition as well as an extra layer of warmth to an outfit. Fuzzy, reversible, plaid, quilted, anything goes! 


4. Hot Cocoa


On those extra cold days you just need some warm cocoa in your life to defrost from that long walk. Although Ray may not do everything spectacular, they do have good hot cocoa. 


5. Fuzzy socks


Fuzzy socks no matter when or where are a must. They are extremely cute and keep your feet nice and toasty. 


6. Leather jacket 


This may not apply to everyone’s style, but having a leather jacket to wear during those cold winter months on the weekend will save you from serious hypothermia. Please do your body a favor and put a jacket on before going out Friday and Saturday nights. Freshmen I'm looking at you.


7. Scarves 


Blanket scarfs are extremely useful and versatile. They can make a lazy outfit look cute and can also serve as a blanket when the library becomes colder than the North Pole. 


8. Beanies/head rings


When it gets extremely cold, covering your ears is a must. Throwing these items may take a few seconds but it is extremely worth while.


9. Chapstick


I carry this around throughout the year, but especially during the colder months I hate sitting in class without a chapstick. 


10. Dress in Layers


This isn’t so much an physical essential but rather a tip and trick. Dressing in layers allows you to go to outside, to class, and then to the gym.