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Tori: The Secret to Health

“That’s the secret to health and longevity— always do things, always stimulate your mind, always make things, and always find new passions.” – Jay Parkinson

I would describe myself as someone who tries to get the most out of my experiences. I have a “why not?” attitude which means I’m not afraid to try new things, like, I don’t know, blogging for instance.  It makes a lot of sense then for me then to focus my fitness goals on “renewal”. Obviously, the number one goal of all of this is to try the new products that were sent to me and tell you lovely people about them. But a fitness journey is way more than the material things. For me, my journey is about finding new ways to improve myself holistically. So, besides the reviews you can expect from me creative exercises (I’m not one to go run on a treadmill), fresh and easy recipes, and a few posts to get y’all caught up on my fitness journey, here is a quick re-cap on what I’ve been doing since I left New Jersey. I was really looking forward to the summer, thinking I would be able to use all of my free time to really focus on me. Well, it was a nice thought while it lasted.  The morning after flying into Charlotte, I drove down to Columbia, South Carolina where I attended my first physics class at the University of South Carolina. Just as I finally found the fitness center, I turned right around to drive back to NC to use my weekends to move from one house to another across town. What I have learned in June is that if you want a productive workout help someone move all of their stuff!

Within all of this craziness what I have kept in the back of my mind are the words “holistically healthy.” I’ve been going to group fitness classes at the gym in SC twice a week, and a class back in NC on the weekend. Also, I have been trying to cook dinners full of fruits and vegetables. However, since I am living with my 81 year old grandfather in SC this summer, there have definitely been some struggles to cook healthy things that he will also eat. Most importantly, I’ve taken some time to really reflect on my health during my freshman year and moving forward. So, stay tuned for my musings on this journey to a total mind and body renewal!


I hope y’all enjoy reading what’s to come in the next two months!

Tori Rinker is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC (Lake Norman area if you're familiar with North Carolina geography). As a southern girl she enjoys sweet tea, front porches, and peaches. She is an intended Molecular Biology major and hopes to pursue a certificate in Values and Public Life. She is looking forward to her first collaboration with HerCampus with the HerCampus Princeton Summer Slimdown Challenge!
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