Review: NUX USA

Where do I even start with NUX USA? I LOVE my yoga pants. I wore the yoga pants to and from Brazil while I was travelling and it was one of the best decisions yet. The pants were incredibly comfortable, not too tight and after wearing them around the house or apartment throughout the summer, have maintained its quality. Many of the fitness clothing that I own, particularly yoga pants or tighter apparel, tend to wear down within a year and my NuxUSA still feels and looks as new as the day I received them. The pants are great for doing yoga but also durable enough to go on a jog. I am so happy I found such great fitness wear and cannot wait to purchase more items from NuxUSA. I also am excited to have found comfortable clothes for those midterm and finals periods!


Disclaimer: NUX USA produces workout clothes that are high quality and feature high functionality. Materials refered in the article were sent to Farrah as a gift, all opinions are her own.