Review: Detour Bars


Detour’s Lower Sugar Neapolitan Whey Protein Bar

This bar was just okay in my book. It had a strange aftertaste. Although the Neapolitan bar is not the worst protein bar I've ever had, it isn't the greatest either.  I'm still on the fence about this one; I'm unsure of whether I would recommend it or not.  I didn't feel gross after eating this one, which is good. You still get that sieve for your sweet tooth, but I'm not sure if the taste is good enough to get me to come back to it.  I think the culprit of the strange aftertaste was the strawberry flavor--definitely contrived.  I don't think there are actually any strawberries in this bar, so that's probably why.  I would recommend giving it a try, I suppose.  There really can't be any harm in trying this, but I would recommend getting a small number of these. I would start with one or two bars to make sure you like it before buying a whole box.

Disclaimer: Detour produces bars that are chock-full of protein. Materials refered in the article were sent to Patricia as a gift, all opinions are her own.