Review: Battle of the Schmoodles?

When I first surveyed all of the products sent to me for this blog I realized that I had to brands of what I can only describe as schmoodles – off brand noodles made from soluble fiber so that they have zero calories. (Sounds delicious right?) I realized that I had two similar products and I decided that I would do a side by side comparison of the schmoodles for you guys – Quest Guilt Free Noodles versus Miracle Noodles.

All excited about my idea for a post, I cooked up two plates of the schmoodles, poured some red pasta sauce over the plates, and shoved a heaping pile of schmoodles in my mouth. My thought process went something like, “Gross, ew, ew, what the – is this?” Between the tastelessness and the flesh like texture, it wasn’t pleasant.

The experience with both brands can be summed up with a comment my brother made when he saw what I was eating… “Why are you eating tapeworms for lunch?” After that lovely image, I put my fork down and pushed the plates away from me. My dog wouldn’t even eat the leftovers.

In this battle there is no winner.

On the plus side, by the looks of their squishy packaging, it looks as if they would make great ice packs for your post workout pains!

Disclaimer: Quest is known for their bars that pack on the protein but lack unhealthy amounts of sugar. Miracle Noodles is the king of guilt-free noodles. Materials refered in the article were sent to Tori as a gift, all opinions are her own