Review: B-Skinz


Bskinz’s Apparel

Opening the package of B-Skinz fitness apparel was like unveiling an explosion of colors and patterns. I like to stick to solid plain colors when it comes to selecting workout clothes because I generally feel that patterns and bright colors can be unflattering on your body. While I was not too excited at first to try out the clothing, trying out new things can’t always be bad. I wore my zebra-print top with regular black pants while going to a CrossFit class, and got tons of compliments. I think it made the experience more fun. I was definitely wrong when it came to thinking that I would be too worried about unflattering shirts or shorts to even try B-skinz, especially since I was tiring myself out doing burpees! I like that B-skinz not only offers fashionable, fun and comfortable workout gear, it also promotes this concept to have fun while working out and to share some part of your personality, too. 

Disclaimer: B-Skinz is a workout apparel company that provides products who are perfect for individuals who want to stay active and are looking for more variety in their workout wardrobe. Materials refered in the article were sent to Farrah as a gift, all opinions are her own.